Tudor House likes to offer a home from home service.  Residents are encouraged to be fully involved in all aspects of their care and daily living. Residents privacy, dignity, rights and choice are of utmost importance at all times.


During the trial period, the resident, our staff, the resident’s doctor and relatives (or representatives) are all given the opportunity to contribute to an agreed care plan. This outlines what the particular needs and wishes of the resident are and establishes the appropriate level of service required.

It is an active document which always reflects the changing circumstances of the resident. A member of staff will be made the resident’s key worker, and they will be responsible for monitoring the care plan. Regular reviews are conducted by the senior residential care workers to validate the process.


The dentist visits annually or as and when needed.

The optician visits annually or as and when needed.

A chiropodist comes every 6 – 8 weeks.

We also have an alternative therapist who visits once every month and offers various treatments, including hand & foot massage.

The hairdresser visits once a week on Tuesdays.

All costs incurred will be met by the resident.


We are proud to provide within the structure of an individualised care plan

Dignity: To recognise the resident’s individual needs and treat the resident with respect at all times.

Independence: To allow the resident to make their own decisions whenever possible and to encourage them to think for themselves and realise their ambitions.

Rights: To show respect for the human rights of all our residents.

Privacy: To allow the resident to be left alone whenever they wish but never allow the resident to feel lonely or neglected.

Security: To ensure that the resident is in a safe, secure and welcoming environment at all times

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